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For most men, finding the perfect wedding ring seems like a pretty easy task. They, therefore, do not put much thought into it during the wedding arrangements. What they fail to realize is that, just like most of the other aspects of wedding planning, finding the perfect wedding band for you can be quite hectic. You want the ring to be the perfect representation of your union, as it signifies to the world what your relationship is truly like. This means that you have to ensure that both your wedding bands are the perfect fit for both of you and they equally match your personalities. To find the right wedding band for you, make sure that you avoid some of these common mistakes people tend to make.

1. Not Buying the Right Fit

Most men tend not to know their ring size. Therefore, the first thing to do when selecting a ring is to be sized. Even if you are buying the rings online, make sure that you get sized. There are great ring size measures online. However, it is important to get sized professionally and ensure that the shop you are buying your band from uses the standard scale. If you currently have a ring that fits you perfectly, you can use it to get your ring size. This will save you the hassle of returning the band so that it can be resized or replaced.

2. Traditional or Trendy

Many men nowadays do not wear jewellery. The furthest they go is a classic men’s watch or a simple chain. Therefore, when it comes to picking wedding bands, they feel trapped. They do not know whether to go for the traditional men’s gold and platinum wedding bands or to go for something a bit more trendy. The best advice you could have is to go with whatever feels comfortable enough for you. Make sure that it’s not something you will start regretting down the line. Remember this is a piece of jewellery that you’ll have to wear every day for the rest of your life so make sure that you are completely in love with it before making the purchase.

If you opt to go for a trendy wedding band, remember that these trends come and go. So, make sure that it is a trend that you will still love even after spending decades together. If you are going to go for a colourful wedding band, ensure that the colours are subtle enough to be incorporated into your everyday look, not something that will clash with almost every outfit you wear. However, it is important to stick to what you know. If you are a traditional guy, go with a traditional piece. Nevertheless, you can always change your wedding band if you don’t like it.

3. Buying the Wedding Bands at the Last Minute

Most couples focus too much time on the other wedding preparations that they forget about the wedding bands. They end up rushing to buy them at the last minute and end up buying rings that they may eventually not like. Buying the rings early enough will give both of you plenty of time to make sure that you are completely satisfied with them and make sure that they fit right. This also gives you time to replace them if you do not like them.

Picking the right wedding bands for your marriage is extremely crucial. They are what will be left after all the fuss about the wedding is over. They are also an everyday reminder of your marriage and you should, therefore, not make any mistake when selecting them. Pick them out together but ensure that they are both unique to your individual tastes and preferences. Focus on what you both want, instead of listening to other people’s opinions. At the end of the day, you will end up with wedding bands that you absolutely love.

Operating your business can present you with a myriad of challenges on a constant basis.


One such challenge is to know the right approach to take with your customers. Whether current or prospective customers, you want to find the right communication level.

For instance, if you do not reach out often enough to them, some may get the sense you do not care. Meantime, too much promotional communication can lead to anoverwhelming feeling. At some point, some customers may get tired of all the outreach that you are doing.

So, how do you find a happy medium for all parties involved?

Know Your Customers In and Out


The best way to go about reaching out to customers is to know as much about them as possible.
For instance, do you do any kind of survey research on those you are trying to sell to?


The more you know about customers, the better prepared you are to serve them.


Among the areas of most focus should be:


  • Customer demographics – Knowing what you can about customer demographics is key. Spend the time to research them and learn whatever you can. This will make it easier for you to offer them products and services.


  • Competition offerings – What do your immediate competitors tend to offer customers? By knowing what you are up against, you can better target your customers with what they want.


Last but not least, don’t become a burden to your customer base.
So, how might you be doing that and not even knowing it?


Face it; some will not stand by and tolerate you bombarding them with promotions.


Some businesses choose to outsource such sales promotions. They rely on a third party to email, call, and even text customers. Over time, some customers may turn to a phone number lookup to track down where the calls are coming from. Once a customer discovers it is you reaching out, you could disconnect with them when it comes to sales.
Get Positive and Negative Feedback
Some small business owners are afraid to ever survey their customers. The main reasons tend to be not enough time or money for surveys or fearing negative comments.
So that your brand can learn and grow over time, you should focus on learning this from your customers:

  • What they like and may not like about your brand
  • If they are willing to refer your brand to their family and friends
  • What you can do better as a small business owner


  • If your prices are affordable for the bulk of your customers

By taking the time to get a myriad of feedback from customers, you stand to gain as a small business owner.


Last; place you in the shoes of your customers for a moment.
Stop and think about what treatment you prefer when you’re out there as a consumer. When you do this, you tend to have more empathy for those you’re trying to sell to.
Make sure you never overstep your bounds in the relationship with customers.


If you have a family you probably know how hard it is to get ahead. Daycare, preschool, field trips, and sports all take a big chunk out of the budget, and that’s added to work expenses, groceries, utilities, insurance, mortgage payments, credit card bills, and car payments. If your money seems to be gone before you get it here are some tips for stretching it a bit further to make ends meet!

Cut the edible extras. You may think you already have, but see how much you’re spending on dining out, fast food meals, and that latte you grab on the way to work. You don’t have to quit it all but concentrate on limiting your purchases to once or twice a week. Instead of dining out have a simple cooking class for your family on the weekend, and make twice as much food as you’ll eat. Freeze the remainder and you’ll have a “fast food” meal ready to reheat later in the week!

Buy on sale. Grocery stores advertise in cycles, so buy enough of that sale item to last two or three weeks. Once you get into the habit you’ll never have to pay full price for anything you eat!

Look online for deals. Whether it’s makeup you need to wear to work or a costume for the school play, you’re bound to find a great deal if you get into the habit of looking online first. You can easily check competitor pricing on the items you need, and you’ll save on gas money too!

Use the buddy system. Whether it’s car pooling for work or getting the kids to school or sports, the more friends you get involved in taking turns playing chauffeur the more time and money you’ll save.

Trim your utilities. Dial down the thermostat, add insulation, and get an energy audit to pinpoint the biggest offenders in your home. You’ll be surprised at how much you can save just by adjusting to a couple degrees difference in temperature!

Check bank rates. If you’ve had your home for a few years you may be able to take advantage of a lower rate by refinancing. Just remember to pay attention to the bottom line, because some lenders charge points for new mortgages.

Plant a garden. This is a multiple advantage: you can teach your kids life skills and cut grocery costs at the same time. Everything tastes better when you grow it yourself!

Preparing for a party can be a fun and energizing experience when you have a plan mapped out and you’re careful in planning the details. Since the food is one of the most important aspects of a successful party, it’s worth putting some effort into designing your special occasion table settings. This brief overview will give you some insights about the best approaches to setting your table for parties and special occasions.

The Items You Need for a Basic, All-Occasion Table Setting

If you’re planning to serve a complete meal at your get-together, you’ll need several important basics: placemats, plates, flatware, napkins and drinking glasses. Depending on the menu you plan to serve, you may need to add other pieces to the setting. If you want to serve the salad, you’ll need salad bowls or plates. If you want to serve coffee, mugs and saucers are an important addition to the basic table setting. Napkin rings are optional, but they can add an elegant focal point to each place setting at the table.

Table Settings for Informal Parties and Gatherings

For informal get-togethers, construct your table setting as follows: Start with a placemat. Center your luncheon or dinner plate on top of the placemat. Place an attractive napkin on the plate; award yourself bonus points if you use an elegant napkin fold. Set a fork to the left-hand side of the plate and a knife with the blade facing inward on the right-hand side of the plate. Set a spoon to the right of the plate. Add a glass at the right-hand side of the place setting near the knife.

If your get-together is extremely informal, like a backyard barbecue or Super Bowl brunch, it’s acceptable to set your table with attractive paper plates. It’s also okay to use paper napkins when you’re hosting a casual get-together.

Table Settings for Formal Sit-Down Dinners

When you serve a formal sit-down dinner, you may wish to prepare a more elaborate table setting. At a formal dinner, individual servings of food are typical, so you can start off with filled salad plates on the table.

Place cards can be a helpful addition to your table setting, as they guide your guests in knowing where to seat themselves at the table. An appealing centerpiece is also an essential inclusion in your setting. The centerpiece can include flowers, candles, greenery or other creative design elements.

You have multiple choices for appropriate napkins to use at formal dinners. Many hostesses choose to use cloth dinner napkins placed in napkin rings. If you enjoy DIY projects, you can click here to check out bunches of different tutorials and instructions for making your own fancy napkin rings. Personalized, custom-printed paper napkins are another option that works well for corporate banquets, anniversary dinners, wedding receptions and similar events. You can go to this website to learn more about your options for personalized dinner napkins.

Now that you have a better understanding of the differences in table settings for formal sit-down dinners and informal gatherings, you’re much better equipped to host your next get-together. We hope these table setting tips and ideas will be helpful to you when you’re planning your next party.


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