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3 Mistakes Men Make When Choosing a Wedding Band

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For most men, finding the perfect wedding ring seems like a pretty easy task. They, therefore, do not put much thought into it during the wedding arrangements. What they fail to realize is that, just like most of the other aspects of wedding planning, finding the perfect wedding band for you can be quite hectic. You want the ring to be the perfect representation of your union, as it signifies to the world what your relationship is truly like. This means that you have to ensure that both your wedding bands are the perfect fit for both of you and they equally match your personalities. To find the right wedding band for you, make sure that you avoid some of these common mistakes people tend to make.

1. Not Buying the Right Fit

Most men tend not to know their ring size. Therefore, the first thing to do when selecting a ring is to be sized. Even if you are buying the rings online, make sure that you get sized. There are great ring size measures online. However, it is important to get sized professionally and ensure that the shop you are buying your band from uses the standard scale. If you currently have a ring that fits you perfectly, you can use it to get your ring size. This will save you the hassle of returning the band so that it can be resized or replaced.

2. Traditional or Trendy

Many men nowadays do not wear jewellery. The furthest they go is a classic men’s watch or a simple chain. Therefore, when it comes to picking wedding bands, they feel trapped. They do not know whether to go for the traditional men’s gold and platinum wedding bands or to go for something a bit more trendy. The best advice you could have is to go with whatever feels comfortable enough for you. Make sure that it’s not something you will start regretting down the line. Remember this is a piece of jewellery that you’ll have to wear every day for the rest of your life so make sure that you are completely in love with it before making the purchase.

If you opt to go for a trendy wedding band, remember that these trends come and go. So, make sure that it is a trend that you will still love even after spending decades together. If you are going to go for a colourful wedding band, ensure that the colours are subtle enough to be incorporated into your everyday look, not something that will clash with almost every outfit you wear. However, it is important to stick to what you know. If you are a traditional guy, go with a traditional piece. Nevertheless, you can always change your wedding band if you don’t like it.

3. Buying the Wedding Bands at the Last Minute

Most couples focus too much time on the other wedding preparations that they forget about the wedding bands. They end up rushing to buy them at the last minute and end up buying rings that they may eventually not like. Buying the rings early enough will give both of you plenty of time to make sure that you are completely satisfied with them and make sure that they fit right. This also gives you time to replace them if you do not like them.

Picking the right wedding bands for your marriage is extremely crucial. They are what will be left after all the fuss about the wedding is over. They are also an everyday reminder of your marriage and you should, therefore, not make any mistake when selecting them. Pick them out together but ensure that they are both unique to your individual tastes and preferences. Focus on what you both want, instead of listening to other people’s opinions. At the end of the day, you will end up with wedding bands that you absolutely love.

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